Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Road Trip To Punjab And Himachal


When finally after ages of working in my dad’s office and no leave, my uncle offered to take me for a road trip, I grabbed the opportunity with both my hands. Even though the trip was supposed to be a religious trip, I still was pretty much excited to hop along. 
Driving down NH1 with agricultural fields on both your sides is definitely one of the best views offered in India. And at this time of the year when there are mustard plantations everywhere, the dash of yellow on the green fields was a site to behold! Roll down your windows as you head towards Punjab and feel the wind in your hair. We took a turn from the NH1 toward Roopnagar (formerly Ropar) to find our self on a beautiful road. I’ve been to Punjab innumerable times and every time it manages to take my breath away. And the best part comes with the roadsides dhaba’s which serve the yummiest possible food. More than the destination, it’s the journey that makes the trip memorable. And this journey was surely one of the best with beauty all around me and having fun with my cousins. 

Since our final destination was Shri Naina Devi i, we left behind Punjab to enter the beautiful mountain region of Himachal Pradesh. Though it did start raining pretty hard and that was a spoiler for us but the beauty of rains in the hills is indescribable. Climbing up the hills with the valley spread just below was amazing.

The trekking trip to the temple turned out to be real fun with the monkey’s jumping around everywhere and giving us company!! 

The sunrise early in the morning was such an awe-inspiring sight. 

While coming back, a quick trip to Chandigarh to indulge in “Phulkari” (A tradional Punjabi embroidery) shopping and we happily headed towards home with hearts filled with happiness and memory cards filled with lovely pictures!!! *wink*