Monday, 4 March 2013

Book Review-Oath Of The Vayuputra's

India’s own super hero is finally here. Shiva has risen yet again to destroy the evildoers. The last of the Shiva Trilogy, this book promises to keep the readers gripped while the great warrior discovers who his true enemies are and gives it his all to destroy them.

After waiting for nearly a year the final part of the Shiva Trilogy reached me.And I was super excited to start this book.
The Oath Of The Vayuputra's is definitely a worthy sequel to the prior two parts. Many secrets that were still unclear were revealed in this part. A true warrior's story, this book made me run through the pages.The precise explanation of the art of warfare really impressed me.
What is Evil? How to deal with it? And who would ultimately stand by Shiva when he declares the Dharma Yudh? These are the questions that would be answered in this part. Many new characters were introduced in this book. But the crowing part was how Amish managed to details every aspect of each character without preaching and bringing out a simple truth in of life, that everybody has both strengths and weaknesses. Though the book is a little lengthy and detailing at times it still managed to make me laugh and cry along with the story. An unexpected end made sure that I cherish this story. 
Om Namah Shivay. The universe bows to Lord Shiva. I bow to Lord Shiva.

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