Monday, 7 January 2013


Lajpat Nagar was named in honor of Lala Lajpat Rai, also known the Lion of Punjab. And this market gives a true blue punjabi feeling!!
Like any other Delhi market it is full of colours! But what struck me was the sheer liveliness of the place! A true shoppers paradise and anybody shopping for a wedding would fall in love with this place! For a shopoholic like me it would have been difficult to leave and go back home had had i not been so exhausted after having spent more than 3 hours walking there!!

Lajpat Nagar is famous for the roadside chinese food. Like this was the Chinese Chaat! Its basically noodles, chilli potato's, manchurian and stuff like this in a box....and it tasted heavenly!! *Big Smile*


Since this market is a shopping mecca for Punjabi's, You'l fine the best jutti's here! Funky colours and beautiful designs! Also you can find stunning fabrics in any imaginable colour here!!

Everything that blings attracts me and this place had me on going bonkers! Amazing stuff you find here and if you have a wedding in your family, this is the market where you would find anything and everything under the sun!!

All in all it is a very good market and I had a superb time shopping here!!


  1. Love the new layout....
    I keep going back to the photograph with the kalire...with those chura's in the background...soo pretty :D

  2. Dear Urshita, how long it will be taken to shop around LAJPAT NAGAR MARKET?

  3. If you are there for wedding shopping, you need atleast 3 hours because this market is huge....any other shopping can be completed in 2 hours provided you know what you want to buy.....

  4. dear urshita in many of the shops they have written that the price has been fixed is it so or can we bargain....

  5. The showrooms n big shops would obviously never entertain bargaining....but the street side shops or the "patri" as we call it is really all about bargaining. But mostly the prices of everything there are resonable.

  6. hi friends i need a help by what should i travel from karol bagh to go to sarojini nagar??