Sunday, 10 February 2013


Weddings in India are a big affair.  The excitement that comes with them is contagious.
There are decorations to be done, clothes and jewellery to be bought, venue and food to be finalized, and what not. The preparations keep going on till the last moment, and even then nothing seems to be done in the right way. But the moment the guests start arriving, everything starts to magically fall into place and before we know it, the party’s on!!! There’s chaos everywhere but still this chaos creates a pretty picture.

And when it comes down to a Delhi Wedding, there’s no limit to the madness!! Just ask the DJ to put on some “Yo Yo Honey Singh” and watch the crowd go oblivious to the surroundings!! Then it’s just the dance floor we can see. (Obviously the Bar is not very far from the dance floor *wink*)
The combination of the Tandoori Chicken and the peppy Punjabi Music is so good that no matter how shy a person is, you would find him dancing the night away.
The Mehendi and cocktail functions kick start the celebrations.  Traditioanlly these were rituals (Mehendi, not The cocktails!!!) that took place within the family but now they are a major celebration for both the sides with the relatives eagerly awaiting the day!!

It’s an evening dedicated to dance, booz and “Kukkad” till the time the cops come to switch off the DJ and force people to leave the snacks and proceed toward dinner!
Most people who are not very familiar with the Delhi Wedding Cultures would be awestruck by this function. But the best part comes with the actual wedding!
The venue’s are nothing less than a Karan Johar’s movie set! The sheer opulence of the venue and the number of people attending the wedding can amaze anybody. The bling factor works charmingly in Delhi with most of the people influenced by Punjabi Culture, it’s as bright as it can get!
So after you’ve finished admiring the huge place and the bright decorations, the next point would be food!  And Oh! Boy would you be surprised! Any foodie’s dream place, a Delhi wedding would have endless variety of cuisine! There would be so many snacks that usually people would forget about the actual dinner and just tuck in the Gol Gappa’s and the Pav Bhaji!
The main course can have so many dishes that to actually try everything that is being served would not be humanly possible!

But when there’s a DJ churning out some awesome music, you can tuck in all you want, dance for half an hour, get hungry again and start all over!!!
And finally comes the reception! The bride and groom who got married while we were happily enjoying the malai kebab’s flash their “Just Married Status”. Once you get a picture clicked with the couple, then its all about champagne and food (Again!) and Dancing (That too again!!). This is like a grand finale to the amazing celebration of two people getting married and all the people being a part of their happiness!!
Yes there’s madness and chaos and nothing is ever ready! Buy hey! That’s what makes these weddings even more fun! Everybody has their share of enjoyment and even though every woman would complain that her feet hurt after dancing so much in 6 Inch heels and the men are blissfully drunk, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a “Dilli Ki Shaadi”!!!


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