Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Braids And Long Hair

Braids have always been in fashion. Everyone from 6 year old ladies to 60 year old grand ma’s have loved them.

But I never had hair long enough to braid them. Since my hair were way to curly to be easily managed, my mother made sure I always had a bob cut. And belonging to a Punjabi family, I had a cousin with waist long hair who braided her hair everyday to school. Long braids swishing away as she walked. I would be lying if I said I did not envy those long tresses. My aunt had hair so long they touched her knees. She had a picture clicked like Rapunzel with her hair flowing down a window. I hated my “Boy Cut” hair!!

The bob cut hair!

I remember crying and howling in front of my mother to let me grow my hair but she never agreed. There was always this one answer I got from her. “You won’t be able to manage long hair”. And I used to throw myself on the bed crying and thinking what the hell was there in long hair that needed management!!! I pleased myself with clipping on a ‘Parandi’ to my hair and pretending that I had this long braid!!

But now that I've been given freedom to do whatever I want to with my hair (Except dye them parrot green!!) I love keeping them long. And it is now that I understand the "Management" that my mom used to talk about.

Its a tough job to take care of curly hair that are perpetually dry and have split ends. I've tried everything from hot oil massages to trimming my hair!!! But the split ends just refuse to go!!! They love my hair so much they've made permanent residence here it seems! 

But recently I got the "Dove Split End Rescue System". To be very frank I had got so tired of trying so many things that I hardly though this would make a difference to my hair at all. But to my surprise, after using this shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks, my hair is not only much more softer but better manageable and have softer ends than ever before!!!

It almost seems like from an advertisement where a girl with hair so dry that could put a broom to shame uses a shampoo and Ta-daa!!! Her hair have been transformed into strands of silk! But this is pretty much what happened to me. The shampoo works at the most dry parts of your hair and deeply moisturizes t to give you beautiful hair!!!! I love what Dove has done for my hair and I can tell girl out there to give it a try. It would surely be worth the shot!

Happy with my braids...

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