Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Face to Face Rather Than "Facebook to Facebook"

So I just came back after a great day with my best friend who came from The US after 5 years!! And despite the blessings of the electronic media and the social networking sites and the "Whats App", I realised there's nothing better than actually sitting in front of your friend and talking face to face rather than "Facebook to Facebook".
The older generation which includes my dad would surely be so happy to see that I've finally understood what they've been trying to tell from so long! No amount of Facebook and Twitter can beat the awesomeness of meeting your friend after so long even though you've been in touch through your phones, emails and the endless social networking sites! And though I can't do this with my friend from The US (as it would be quite expensive), but resolve to take out time and meet my friends who are in the same city as me in person rather than meeting online !
To be actually sitting together and talking about anything and everything with your bestie over some good food and games is a superb feeling!!! You can be your usual self and talk about anything random to her and still not get the feeling that the other person must be presuming you to be a nut case (because she already knows you're one!) *wink*
In the two hours that I spent with her, we recollected the past 8 years of our life, gossipping about people and laughing over what we did back in school, and realising that time surely flew away! A few years back our most serious conversations were regarding our maths or physics assignments. But today, it was all about our career's, our jobs, office, relationships, settling down and the lack of time(this one was for me because in the last 20 days that she was here, i met her on the day she was going to leave *sad*)
Yes, the time surely flew, but meeting her "face to face" after such a long time proved to be one of the most happiest moments of my life. :)


  1. could feel your excitement about. meeting your friend. Nice read.

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.