Wednesday, 9 January 2013

       Dilli Ki Sardi!!!      

One of the reasons that I love living in Delhi -despite its many rapes, shortcomings and hassles is the glorious change of seasons. I'd hate to live in a place where the weather is the same, so you don't know if you're in March or May. Delhi with its four definite seasons and a different mood for every month just suits me

In the winter, Delhi is a different city to the, dust-ridden one it is in the summer. You wake up to an intensely cold morning, and despite having gotten a good nine hours of sleep, it feels like you just went to bed. You burrow into your many layers of thick razais some more, wanting to snatch yet another twenty winks.

Afternoons are the best part!! Sitting on the terrace of my home and enjoying the luxury of sun bathing and watching my mother knit a sweater (Despite the endless range of ready made knitwear available in markets she still knits at least one sweater or muffler for me each winter!!).

Food cools in seconds, so in the time between your first and second bites of breakfast, you have moved from having a hot meal to a cold one. You layer on a warm vest and a thick sweater, followed by a jacket or coat. Make-up actually stays on your face in this weather, so you take a few minutes to slather it on. You discover you do have a face, after all.

People love to hate this season! But for me it is the best time of the year! The fog, the chilly air, the garam chai, gajar ka halwa, and the best part of being able to see your own breath!!! Anything and everything about winters is lovely for me!

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