Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hang The Victims Friend????

When the protests for the Delhi gang rape were taking place all over the country, I was happy to see the youth come together against the inhuman acts of the animals in our society and the baseless talks of our politicians. But today when I was going through my mail, my eyes fell on a news article titled “Delhi rape: Lawyer says hang victim's friend”! Now this man namely Manohar Lal Sharma, a 56-year-old Supreme Court advocate, says that the woman and her friend are to be blamed as they should never had ventured out at night.

He is defending those animals that should be removed from the very face of the earth by saying he never heard of a respectable woman being raped in the country.

He gave his statement to a leading international daily saying” I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect.”

Mr. Sharma, can you please tell me what exactly does a “respectable woman” mean??

If a woman has to venture out at night due to her work commitments or any other reason and that too with a male companion, and the poor woman unfortunately gets raped, does that classify her as “not a respectable woman”??

And to top it all he very confidently says “This all happened because of the lust of the boy. This is the boy who should be hanged. He's responsible for everything. He should be punished. We will plead not guilty. We want this to go to trial. We all know how police investigations are carried out in India”

So, this “Supreme Court Advocate” after clearly highlighting the incapability of our police force blames the lust of the boy as being responsible for whatever happened! According to him it was the boy’s fault. The 5 men who raped her and did all kinds of unimaginable brutalities to the girl and this boy are “Innocent”

Seriously, Mr. Sharma that is the height of being highly disgusting to get your two minutes of fame!

And since you are so worried about the “inhuman behavior” that the police and the jail inmates are doing with these 5 people, then let’s just get your facts clear. I being a girl myself truly believe those 5 leeches deserve worse than this. And if you don’t go by my view, then please imagine your daughter on that hospital bed when that unfortunate girl fought for her life. Maybe then you might stop this bullshitting around for publicity.

Despite the many negatives in our country, I had always been proud to be an Indian. But today, with the most profound grief all I can feel is that my country has truly gone to the dogs.

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  1. The country has gone to the dogs is an understatement considering this whole situation