Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Life to set hai boss!!!

So I was sitting with my two besties at this coffee place, discussing what the future could hold for us. “Yaar MBA krna hai. Uske bina scope nai hai.” Says one of them who just got a professional degree from a reputed college and was also the topper there. We look at each other and start laughing. Four years back, when we were in school, our canteen discussions always concluded with “Is college me admission ho jae to life set hai.” When the three of us chose our different career paths, the discussion was always about “Yaar top maar lia na, to life set hai.” And today, when my bestie has a professional degree and she was the topper of her college, she is still thinking of doing something more so that “Life set ho jae”

In today’s world where the competition is cut throat, just a professional degree hardly looks lucrative to anyone. Leave alone the poor graduation degree which is now considered basic education. My grandfather did just his schooling and was in the Navy. My father got a professional degree and has been practicing since. But today, a professional degree without an MBA is not considered that good. Maybe that’s why 90% of engineers today are going for an MBA degree after doing their B.Tech. And it’s not just the MBA degree that only matter’s. Which college gave you the degree is equally important. And given the ratio of the population and the colleges, there are hundreds of students who are left with no option but to get a MBA degree from where ever they can. The rat race is everywhere. And the worst part is, we really don’t have any option other than being a part of it, no matter how much we hate it.

So let’s pull up our socks and start working towards getting another degree. Maybe after this we could say to each other, “Life to set hai boss!”

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